Softail Air Suspension - SAS Internal Compressor Systems
Softail Air Suspension - SAS Internal Compressor Systems
Softail Air Suspension - SAS Internal Compressor Systems


Hawaii Style

2014 Softail Slim full air ride front and back with SAS air suspension in rear. I decided to go with SAS because of the internal design and easy installation, thanks for a great product..

Honolulu, Hawaii

Gilby's Street Dept

Here's a picture of the custom bike with the rear air ride from you. I told you it's a show bike and I do ride it on the road. 
Thanks, Gilby

Gilby's Street Dept
River Falls WI

Brendon Barrertt

I have the SAS air ride that I bought from your company and love it!
Brendon Barrertt

Ferry Bike

This is my custom bike with CCCS controls and SAS suspension.
Thank you for the great parts!
Ferenc Horanyi
Ferry Custom Bikes, Hungary

Michael Gaschtych

I saw that you would like to have some photos
with bikes with your SAS air-ride. Here is my Evo with your
SAS. I bought it 3 years ago directly in Las Vegas.
Michael Gaschtych, Germany

John LeSage Chopper

Here are some pictures of my custom pro-street chopper I built.
It has your SAS-99 air suspension.  Love the air ride. Thanks!

Builder John LeSage (Sikk One Customs)
Elburn, IL

SAS on Chopper

Hi I have an SAS air ride in my custom chopper, awesome unit and adds a wow factor when raised and lowered for a crowd, and best of all it actually rides awesome as well!  Recommend to anyone! 

Michael Vinci
Adrenalin Choppers 
Western Australia 

Dan Lobner's Bike

Hi Butch,
Here she is my ‘06 Soft tail medieval style. Thanks for all your help,
and your wife as well, got the wiring right, works great!
Dan Lobner
Edmondton, Alberta Canada


I'm very pleased with my SAS-99 It's a badass set up!
Thanks for all your help.
Chad Stoyell, Louisville, KY

I have had this system for over 2 years and luv it.  If I would have known how great this modification was, I would have made it my 1st modification… even before pipes!
Mike Stary, Chicago, IL

Michael Johnson

Hey Guys, Just wanted to get your video and share it onto my facebook.com page! I have your SAS installed on my 1990 Harley FXST custom, and I just wanted you to know that your product is still performing flawlessly and as great as the first day that I installed it! People are always asking, where I got it and how much did it cost! I tell them how EASY it was to install! Everybody loves it! The SAS has made my motorcycle look the way that I wanted it to and the suspension works great!
Michael Johnston
Lansdowne, Pa


Hi guys, just wanted to commend you on a fantastic product, the SAS air ride. Love the slammed look of my bike, rides great; works great, absolutely no problems what so ever, install was easy! Keep up the good work!

Ronnie Grein
Nanton, Alberta Canada


Wanted to thank you again! I am very pleased with your product! The Harley fans here in ISRAEL like this very much and you’re going to get many more orders for your great product. I will be in Vegas in November and I will come visit at your shop.
Best regards,
Rafi refaeli


I installed the SAS system on this bike and installation was super-easy. The ride is great and I can set the bike super low for an awesome chopper look. The bike was just featured in the January issue of Easyriders magazine. Also the customer service was excellent. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a great ride and a great look on their Softail.
Thanks, Jack Donovan

Ben Bare

May 25, 2012
Custom Cycle Controls & SAS Testimonial
From: Ben Bare Age: 49

This bike has some very unique and special features which are a Single Sided Swing Arm, right side drive (RSD) with an 300mm rear tire an S&S 125ci motor and a Baker 6 speed overdrive transmission with Climax Hand Controls handlebars and Simplified Air System (SAS) made by Custom Cycle Control Systems to list a few.

With all the special features it’s what you DON’T see that makes the Bike Neck Breaking Gorgeous; No Wires, No Cables, No Hoses, No Brakes Lines, No Brake or Clutch reservoirs, all contained inside the handlebars. Clean very easily maintained and Serviced with all the bells and whistles intact the self-canceling turn signals, Cruise control (throttle lock), Hi-Lo beam, and a Wire plus Gauge.

Climax Hand Controls handlebars are the only hand controls that get rid of all the Handlebar Clutter, all the hoses, hardware, wires and cables ALL disappear into the handlebars. The front of your Bike is clean and sleek nothing showing or fluid lines to be pinched.

Bettering the list is the SAS Unit, which is by far the best air suspension I have had the pleasure of using or installing. The Simplified Air System (SAS) also a clean unit with no wires or lines is an air ride rear suspension with the air pump encased between the shocks mounted where your stock system used to be, the suspension improvement alone will amaze and astonish you then you will wonder what took you so long.

I can tell you from experience that trying to mount the air pump is a HUGE pain & running airlines and wires really is not worth it. However, with the SAS unit you pull the stock shocks out and bolt in the SAS unit it is simple. Three #18-gauge wires mount air in and out buttons on the frame by your seat and the best part of any project YOU ARE DONE.

The suspension is a 100% better than stock shocks, and the ride is SO smooth it will blow your mind and since it’s adjustable, you can stiffen it up when want to ride two up. Custom Cycle Control Systems have excellent tech support and will always answer any question about installing or using their product. There are a few pictures of my “Throttle Therapy” at the top of my testimonial to show how sleek and clean it looks.

Thank You Custom Cycle Control Systems!
Ben Bare


My bike DevilsTail is ready to run and i want to tell you that i'm very very proud to have the cycle contols handlebars in black on my bike. The reactions are great, i'm very happy with them and of couse also with result of the whole project. and.. the sas air suspension works beautifull.
Thanks for your great products and wish you all good sales.

Grtzz Henk Ruisch Netherlands

Just wanted to let you know you have a great product in the B-MAC. Works great. I have had it installed for apporx. 2 months and I love it! No more removing bags to add air.
W. Doane from North Carolina:

I have been working with the SAS for a while and I am totally impressed with the design and functionalilty of the product. Absolutely fantastic. Simple design, with proven results.
Eric W. from Colorado:

I purchased one of your first air rides systems, and I can’t say how happy I am with it. My builder Allen Belden with Vicious Cycle in Bakersfield, CA had mentioned how easy it was to install. I did a little research and the people that had purchased one were stoked to be getting them. So I got on the waiting list. It was exactly how you guys explained it in your website. Everyone I talk to I tell them how SIMPLE this is and as for reliability I have yet to have a problem. Honestly KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Alex B. from California:

"Style, looks & functionality were important factors in buying Climax Hand Controls over the others! ...expand your style of quality products so that people can theme their bikes with all CCCS parts."
Kairy L. from Canada:

"Your Climax Hand Controls & Simplified Air Suspension: SAS are the very best. I work with the controls all the time & now i will be using the SAS just as much! "
Mike W. from Nevada:

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